Audience Profile

The Media, Advertising & Entertainment Legal Summit ever since its inception in 2012 has been gaining huge interests of participation across various industry sectors and individual profiles. Below are a few mentioned organizations as well as individual profiles that have direct relevance with the summit.

Industry Demographics Individual Psychographics
TV Channels MD & CEO
Broadcasters Chief Financial Officer
Radio Channels Chief Operating Officer
Advertising Agencies In House Counsel
Copyright Societies Research Head
PR Agencies Head IP
Production Houses Brand Managers
Media Agencies Media Heads
Newspapers & Publications Head Copyright
Distribution Houses Head Distribution
Magazines Head of Content
Multiple System Operators (MSO) Head Advertisements
Local Cable Operators (LCO) Head Technical
DTH & IPTV Service Providers Company Secretary
Arbitration Councils Head of Standards & Practices Department
Animation Companies Editor – in – Chief
Gaming Companies Editor
Content Aggregators Head – Content & Communication
Digital and Interactive Agencies Head – Broadcast Services
Direct Marketing Program Producers
Event Management Director | Publisher | Writer
Industry Bodies Music Composer
Internet Radio Operators Lyricist
Journals Journalist
Market Research Firms Partners
Media Research & Audience Measurement Associates
Companies Independent Practitioners
Ministry Head Compliance
Outdoor Agencies Head Regulatory
Photographers Head Taxation
Public Service Broadcasters Head Digital Media
Regulatory Bodies Head – Media Procurement
Satellite Channels Head – Contracts
Specialist Media Head Litigation & Head Licensing
Talent Management Complaint Management Head
Telecom and Internet Service Providers Head Technology
Public Service Broadcasters Arbitrators

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